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RD Congo - Pays en crise

Image de l'UNICEF

The recent fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is a relatively small surge of violence in what has been said by some to be the bloodiest conflict since the Second World War. In less than five years an estimated 3.3 million people are thought to have died, the vast majority of them civilians. They have died by disease, starvation, and warfare. Their homes, hospitals, and schools have been destroyed, their fields and fresh water sources laid waste, and their families and communities decimated and dispersed.

Yet in the Bunia fighting, hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered, and tens of thousands displaced. Within 48 hours of the outbreak of conflict in the Ituri district of eastern DRCearly May, UNICEF airlifted relief supplies to civilians trapped by the fighting.

This page provides more information on UNICEF’s current operations.

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To donate: UNICEF web site for donations to the children of the Horn of Africa

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