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Supply Annual Report 2018: Creating Shared Value

Procuring supplies for children is not as simple as buying products off the shelf: it requires a complex orchestration of efforts among many partners. The business sector is one key partner that UNICEF has worked closely with over the years to conceptualize, produce and deliver supplies – creating shared value for children, together. This report highlights many examples of where engagement with the business sector has contributed to the health, safety and well-being of children and their families.

Shared value can derive from different engagement modalities, such as philanthropic and corporate social responsibility, market shaping, product innovation and strategic procurement. For UNICEF, creating shared value means maximizing impact for children and their families. For businesses, this approach also provides a portal for entering new markets, supporting local economies and fostering sustainability.

In 2018, UNICEF procured $3.486 billion worth of goods and services from over 11,000 businesses. Behind these figures are an array of strategies employed to achieve shared value for children.

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