Disability Orientation

The web-based Disability Orientation for staff is a multi-media, 40-minute video that includes interesting and thought provoking statements, resources and good practices from UNICEF and partners from across the globe. The objective of the orientation is to strengthen understanding of, and capacity to support, programming for children and women with disabilities.

The Disability Orientation consists of two main modules, each module has five lessons. The first module provides an overview of the disability movement and what disability means according to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The second module focusses on how to mainstream disability through our work.
The Disability Orientation can be completed individually or in groups. A short quiz is available as a tool to assess what you learned or to facilitate discussion.

The Disability Orientation is currently available in English, with English subtitles as well as with accessibility options like audio description and American Sign Language. Please click on the version that best suits your requirements. The Orientation with accessibility features will be available in French and Spanish in the coming year.

"Let’s remove the barriers and create an inclusive and accessible society for all."
Watch the new Staff Disability Orientation to learn how.

Disability Orientation
English Audio Description, ASL, subtitles
French with subtitles
Spanish with subtitles

Other Disability Orientation Videos

Mr. Lake's Statement to Open the Orientation
Module 1 Lesson 2 - Universal Design
Module 1 Lesson 3 - Words and Images Matter
Webinar on accessibility for 2013 State of the World's Children

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