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Improving basic education through quality principles

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, 18 March 2012. - A participatory workshop entitled ‘Developing Guiding Principles for Quality Basic Education in Uzbekistan’ was organised by UNICEF from 13 to 17 March to enable Uzbek educators and school curriculum designers to review International Quality Basic Education (QBE) principles and define the modern parameters of the quality education in the country.

The workshop also made considerable progress in laying the groundwork to develop Uzbekistan’s school monitoring and evaluation system within the framework of the five QBE principles of: ‘Teaching and Learning Effectiveness’, ‘Inclusion’, ‘Health, Safety and Protection’, ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Democratic Participation.

The workshop facilitated by two international experts and the UNICEF Tashkent Education team helped participants describe the quality principles and how they would measure progress.

The draft QBE indicators suggested in the workshop included the consideration of student initiatives, proposals and comments, the avoidance of gender stereotypes, and the inclusion of all neighborhood children and many others.

A key outcome of the workshop was a plan of actions for developing the principles, parameters and indicators of quality basic education in the country. This process also led to the initiation of two national projects with the Scientific Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences and the Republican Education Centre.

The QBE principles agreed during the UNICEF workshop have been used around the world to promote a Child Friendly School approach to education.



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