Social policy

Children and social policy


Children and social policy

UNICEF works with the government to implement existing policies and develop new ones where needed to mitigate the impact of poverty on children and their families. UNICEF also advocates for fiscal expansion and reform of the social protection system and is working in collaboration with the Government to develop appropriate criteria for the disbursement of social allowances to improve productivity of families and enable them to care for children. Special attention is paid to enhance access to basic services for the most vulnerable. To ensure evidence-based decision making, technical assistance is provided in collection and analysis of critical information on children and women.

UNICEF assists in improving the state coordination systems for monitoring, reporting and implementing child rights. It supports the decentralization processes by working with regional governments on their regional action plans for child wellbeing. This process strengthens the capacity of local governments to plan, deliver and monitor services, which are more responsive to the needs of the community.

UNICEF supports Uzbekistan to enhance disaster preparedness and to build a culture of safety and prevention at the local level, including in communities and schools so as to reduce the devastating impact of disasters on women and children.



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