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        Immunization poster - Take your children for immunization 5 times before their first birthday    

      Immunization poster - Health workers! Remember to give 4 key messages

        Immunization poster - The greatest Birthday Gift for your one year old child is: Immunizing 5 times to complete the immunization schedule before first birthday       

        Immunization poster - We are responsible parents, our children have completed the immunization schedule. WHAT ABOUT YOURS?

        Immunization poster - We are alive today because we were fully immunized!


Poster - Uganda united against Measles for healthy children 

         Poster - PCV : A vaccine to protect children against Pneumonia and Meningitis

         Leaflet - A vaccine that protects children against PNEUMONIA and MENINGITIS : What VHTs & Community Mobilisers need to know

         Brochure - Uganda united against polio for healthy children 

         Booklet - Mobilizing communities for immunization services : What VHTs and community mobilisers need to know and do  

         Booklet - Promotion of routine immunization in Uganda : What national and district leaders need to do 



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