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Open Data

Information available in the open datasets on this page has been extracted directly from UNICEF's operating system (VISION) and other data systems and it reflects inputs made by individual operating units. A process is in place to ensure completeness of results data and improvement in the accuracy of activity descriptions and coding.

The datasets below are in .xml format (machine-readable only) as per the IATI common standard and they are more easily accessible through UNICEF's AID TRANSPARENCY PORTAL and include details for each Country that UNICEF works in.

Country-specific datasets are also available for download at




UNICEF Open Data - Organisation File  (.xml format)  

UNICEF Open Data - Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Region - CEE-CIS (All Countries, .xml format)  

UNICEF Open Data - Eastern Asia and the Pacific Region - EAPR (All Countries, .xml format)   

UNICEF Open Data - East and Southern Africa Region - ESAR (All Countries, .xml format) 

UNICEF Open Data - Headquarters Divisions (All HQ Operating Units, .xml format)  

UNICEF Open Data - Latin America and Caribbean Region - LACR (All Countries, .xml format) 

UNICEF Open Data - Middle East and North Africa Region - MENA (All Countries, .xml format)  

UNICEF Open Data - Southern Asia Region - ROSA (All Countries, .xml format)    

UNICEF Open Data - West and Central Africa Region - WCAR (All Countries, .xml format)

UNICEF Afghanistan Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Bangladesh Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Bhutan Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF India Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Maldives Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Nepal Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Pakistan Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Sri Lanka Open Data (Jan 28 Update)

UNICEF Yemen (Feb 9 Update)

These datasets contain financial and programmatic data for the period Jan 2012 - March 2014.  The information is current as of June 06, 2014 and its use and re-use must conform to the OKD Compliant Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license.  Financial information provided should always be considered as provisional.



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