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State of the World's Children 2016



Perils and Possibilities: Growing up online



Perils and Possibilities; Growing up online (Thailand)



UNICEF Nepal 1 Year Report



HIV Report



Nepal @ 6 Months Report



UNICEF Annual Report 2014 (Click here for PDF file)


Addressing the Gaps Report

(English version)

ผลสำรวจสถานการณ์เด็กและสตรีในประเทศไทยที่สำคัญ พ.ศ. 2555



Situational Analysis of Young people At High Risk of HIV Exposure in Thailand

(English version)




Latest situation of children and women in Thailand or the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2012

Full report (English version)

Executive summary (English version)

Full report (Thai version)

Executive summary (Thai version) 



UNICEF Thailand Annual Report 2012


 Child Support Grant: FAQ (Thai version) (English version)

 Social Protection assessment based national dialogue 2013 (Click here for PDF file)

 Situation Analysis of children and Women in Thailand 2011 (Click here for PDF file)

 Child Protection Risks due to Flooding in Thailand (October - December 2011) (Click here for PDF file)


 Everyday Fears: A study on children's perceptions of living in the southern border of Thailand

 Summary of the largest survey on the situation of children and women in Thailand (December 2005- February 2006)

 MOST RECENT AND LARGEST-EVER SURVEY ON THE SITUATION OF CHILDREN AND WOMEN IN THAILAND. This final report of the Multiple Indicator Clustor Survey (MICS), which was carried out in more than 43,000 households across the country between December 2005 - February 2006, examines historical trends and current data to offer a detailed overview of the specific challenges facing children and women in Thailand. (Download PDF file, ENG  THAI) (Please contact Khun Temika Satayawiboon at 02 356 9487 for hard copies and CDs).

BELOW ARE THE SURVEY'S PROVINCIAL REPORTS (click each province to download PDF files - about 2.2 MB each)

Southernmost provinces
Pattani      Yala      Narathiwat   

Satun      Songkhla

Tsunami-affected provinces
Phangnga      Krabi      Phuket   

Trang      Ranong      Satun

Northern provinces
Chiang rai      Chiang mai     Mae Hong Son   

Tak     Nan      Payao

Northeastern provinces
Khonkaen     Mukdahan      Si Sa Ket

Nakon Phanom      Ubon Ratchathani

Central provinces
Bangkok      Ratchaburi      Kanchanaburi

Sa Kaeo      Rayong


The who, what, why and how of UNICEF’s work in Thailand. Concise and reader-friendly, it includes some of the latest statistics on the situation of children in thailand. (PDF)

Comprehensive analysis of the situation of children and women in Thailand as well as detailed recommendations to improve their lives in the future. (Click here for PDF file)

A history of UNICEF’s work and achievements during nearly 60 years in Thailand. (Click here for PDF file)

The opinions and recommendations of young people on a wide range of issues, from schools to durgs to homelessness. This report was prepared during a series of children’s forums organized throughout Thailand during 1999 and 2000 for presentation to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. (Click here for English PDF file) (Thai version)

A special supplement distributed with the Thailand edition of the magazine Marie Claire. “Rebuilding Lives” tells the moving stories of children and families whose lives and livelihoods were devastated by the 2004 tsunami, as well as recounting how UNICEF provided assistance to affected communities in the aftermath of disaster. (Click here for PDF file)

Our second supplement with Marie Claire, “Better Days” revisits communities torn apart by the tsunami to see how they are beginning to recover. The supplement also outlines some of the remaining challenges for children in these communities and UNICEF’s plans for assistance over the next few years. (Click here for PDF file)

Comprehensive analysis of the situation of children and women in Thailand’s southernmost provinces. The report examines historical trends and current data to offer a detailed overview of the specific challenges facing children and women in this part of Thailand. (Click here for PDF file)



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