Children in a school near Cuzco, Peru
Children as Community Researchers


There are many pathways to learning. By taking a child-friendly approach, we can encourage active learning and support children's differing learning styles.

One way to provide such a learning environment is to engage children in authentic research projects. The following modules give teachers a ready process to conduct such research with their students.

The modules progress from classroom and school grounds to the community level. Along the way How-to pages and Case Studies are available.

Begin with the Teacher's Guide, then move through the modules. All related pages are linked to each module. To jump to a specific page, use the navigation links at the bottom of each page.
  Main Sections
Teacher's Guide
- Rationale and overview for facilitating learning
Module 1
- Investigating and Redesigning the Classroom
Module 2
- Assessing and Improving the School Grounds
Module 3
- Identifying and Surveying Community Problems
Case Studies
- Examples of projects conducted by children

How-to / Help Pages

Children as Community Researchers

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