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Bidding Opportunities


Bidding Opportunities

Welcome to our page on bidding opportunities! 


1. ITB - TADA/2014/045 (PDF 3,3Mb) - Purchase of IT Equipment 

2. ITB - TADA/2014/046 (PDF 3,3Mb) - Purchase of Furniture for Teacher Resource Centers

3. ITB - TADA/2014/047 (PDF 3,3Mb) - Purchase of Books for Teacher Resource Centers


4. ITB - TADA/2014/049 (PDF 4,7Mb) - Purchase of toys and other materials for ECD Centers        Deadline: 17:00PM, 15.09.2014       Services                               1. RFP/TADA/2014/9114133 (PDF 5.3Mb) - National Institutional Consultancy to conduct a Baseline Study for ECD TV animation project             Deadline: 17:00PM 18.09.2014      
2. RFP/TADA/2014/9114137 (LOT 1&2, PDF 2.5Mb): 
- Production and Airing of  Video Spots (animated) based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (LOT 1);       - Production and Airing of TV Programmes / Dialogues on the Rights of Children in Tajikistan (LOT 2)           Deadline: 17:00PM 19.09.2014                    3. RFP/TADA/2014/9114138 (PDF 8,2MB) - National Institutional Consultancy for the Development of a Database Management System        Deadline: 17:00PM 19.09.2014



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