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About us

A United Nations mission travelled through the Confederation of Independent States in mid-1992 and drafted a basic situation analysis. One group visited Central Asia and the Caucasus. This group recommended that emergency aid be used to address social sector problems among children and women. The aid was requested from UNICEF and other United Nations agencies, but also from outside donors. UNICEF started its activities in Tajikistan in earnest beginning in 1994. In 1995, the organization established its first country programme of cooperation with the Government.

Tajikistan is the poorest country in a large UNICEF region (Central and Eastern Europe, the Confederation of Independent States and the Baltic States). The impact of poverty is significant in terms of the situation of children, and the condition of women and children is especially precarious within the general context of social vulnerability. This is so particularly because the population is young. The access to and the quality of basic services such as health and education are not good, and government expenditure in health and education is not significant. There are substantial shortages in personnel and infrastructure. Poverty is the main obstacle in the implementation of child rights.






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