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Cold Chain Country Support Package

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EPI technician Mohammad Yousouf loads measles vaccines and ice packs from freezer into a refrigerated box held by a porter, at the Boalkhali Subdistrict Health Complex, near the southern port city of Chittagong.

The Cold Chain Country Support Package (CCCSP) was developed by UNICEF Supply Division (SD) to support UNICEF Country Offices and Procurement Service partners in their efforts to strengthen immunization supply chains through the procurement of cold chain equipment and services. The CCCSP is being shared publically as a reference.

General technical and commercial considerations required in planning and procurement phases of cold chain implementation projects are outlined in the following guidance: 

- Procurement reference guide

- Technical reference guide

Product-specific procurement and technical guidelines are available, or soon will be available for the following products:

- Walk-In Cold and Freezer Rooms for Vaccine Storage

- Compression and Absorption Type Refrigerators and Freezers for Vaccine Storage

- Complete Solar Powered Refrigeration Systems with Battery Power Storage (BPS), Solar Powered  Refrigeration Systems

- Complete Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigeration System for Vaccine Storage

- Temperature Monitoring Devices

Product-Specific Reference Guides include:

- Procurement and installation checklist – a list of questions and action points to consider before and during the procurement process.

- Procurement reference guide - product specific guidance for preparing and conducting procurement to ensure the timely delivery and installation of cold chain equipment.

- Technical reference guide - information on product types and related technical requirements, including essential accessories, and technical guidelines for conducting and finalising product implementation (e.g. Installation).

Quick Reference Repository
The Quick Reference Repository is an Excel spreadsheet that contains useful links and data related to cold chain product volumes, power sources, dimension, installation guidelines etc.

For more information, please contact: The Supply Division Cold Chain Unit.



Cold Chain Weight & Volume Calculator

The Cold Chain Weight & Volume Calculator is a practical tool for calculating the space required for in-country deliveries and cold chain storage.

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