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COTE D'IVOIRE: A malnourished child drinks fortified milk while his mother watches at a centre in the rebel-controlled zone of Bouake. UNICEF provides supplementary feeding to families in the area.

Nutrition and micronutrients

Nutrition supplies constitute an important part of the nutrition response for women and children. These supplies consist of specific therapeutic food and other supplies for therapeutic feeding centers, as well as for supplementary feeding interventions. UNICEF has the mandate to provide supplementary food and therapeutic food for infants and children. In 2014, Supply Division procured $154 million worth of nutritional supplies, including over 30,440 tonnes of ready-to-use therapeutic food, mainly for emergency situations. 

About 150 million children under five - one in four - are malnourished. UNICEF procures nutritional supplies such as high protein biscuits and micronutrients to combat this problem. These range from micronutrients, oral rehydration salts and zinc, and therapeutic food for malnourished children, to scales and cooking kits. The main focus is on supplies requested for emergency situations.

In 2014, UNICEF also shipped 514 million donated and procured Vitamin A treatments from its Copenhagen warehouse, and procured 346 million sachets of multiple micronutrient powder, 74.3 million sachets of oral rehydration salts and 289.3 million zinc tablets.

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