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UNICEF monthly supply shipments

See a visualisation of which countries UNICEF essential supplies are going to, by value, on a world map. And compare month by month...

Snapshot: June 2010 after the Haiti earthquake

2012 Statistics

Where supplies are used in 2012
This  map gives a visual overview of where we delivered supplies to children in 2012, including international, local and regional procurement.

UNICEF supplier countries in 2012
UNICEF procures from almost every country in the world. Click on the map to see how much we spent in each country. Note that the largest circles - for India, Switzerland, Belgium, USA and France – represent mainly vaccine procurement. 

Countries in which 2012 procurement exceeded $10 million (in millions)

UNICEF makes great efforts to buy supplies where they are used. Almost two thirds of the top 33 supplier countries are countries where UNICEF has development programmes.

For more detailed information, see our Supply Annual Report 2012 .



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