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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- La vida en la calle

(Sergio Perez Macario, 15, Mexico, 2010)
"I am stuck within the boundaries of my own freedom," a 24-year-old says of his 10 years on Mexico City's streets.

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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- The Star of the World

(Ginândria António Novela, 13, Mozambique, 2011)
This girl knows how to fix her community's problems -- and says she will when she becomes governor of Chibuto.

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UNICEF: oneminutejr. - Comparison

(Nate Thurmond, 12, USA)
A 12-year-old invites us to look closely at the similarities and differences between neighbourhoods in the city of Pittsburgh.

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UNICEF: oneminutesJr.- Out on the Streets

(Zam Namayanja, 13, Uganda, 2010)
"I work in the evening because City Council law enforcement is never here in the evening," says this young vegetable seller.

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UNICEF: oneminutesJr.- Child Labour

(Mesulame Tadulala, 20, Fiji, 2010)
"One day I'm going to go back to school," says a 13-year-old as he carries cargo along city streets to support his unemployed parents.

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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Long Road

(Demir Dinkov, 13, Bulgaria, 2011)
Demir, a Roma boy, reflects on discrimination on the long road back from downtown.

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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Child Labour

(Anika Carter, 19, Solomon Islands, 2011)
To support his family, a 9 year old boy picks through rubbish at the city dump -- where he is exposed to toxins and pathogens.

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Oneminutesjr. vídeos

Oneminutesjr son videos de 60 segundos hechos por jóvenes de todo el mundo entre las edades de 12 y 20, a través de talleres de apoyados por UNICEF. Estos vídeos han sido seleccionados para reflejar algunos de los temas en informe de SOWC 2012.

2 vidas: 2 millas de distancia

2 vidas: 2 millas de distancia es una serie de películas que se destacan las cuestiones cruciales que afectan los niños en un mundo urbanizado.