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Soldier Boy

Tape number: 334

Type of production: docu-drama

Subject: war & conflict

Audience: children ages 13-18

Production year: 1997

Duration: 4 minutes

Language versions: English,International

Countries: Liberia

Producer: Danmarks Radio (TV) / UNICEF

Rights: TV broadcast Non-broadcast/educational 

Summary: In Liberia, thousands of children are forced to fight as soldiers in a civil war that has been raging since 1989. This docudrama profiles 13-year-old Mike who, when driven by the militia to join the army, tries to slip away after one bloody assault. But boy soldiers who have escaped are often rejected by their relatives because they have ‘blood on their hands’. Until peace returns, he will have to fend for himself.

Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

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