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Voices of Youth offers inspiring, original insight and opinion from across the globe – from young people, for young people.

Did you ever ask yourself, where are all the young people who actually do give a damn? Well, they’re right here.

Countering disheartening headlines about today’s young generation, the Voices of Youth community proves that young people ARE making a difference, each and every day. But making a difference doesn’t have to be boring – we bring you fresh and honest views and stories, written and filmed by our unbeatable international youth bloggers.

Want to be part of our pool of youth bloggers? Do it! Anybody is welcome to write, film, comment and engage in discussions – let’s go!

Read the insightful posts by a young South African Blogger Destiny Faye VR on Voices of Youth. 


World's Largest Lesson

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 17 goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. If every school in the world teaches children about these goals, we will help them become the generation that changed the world. Watch The Worlds Largest Lesson introduced by Malala Yousafzai:

Visit The World's Largest Lesson website for more information and resources, including lesson plans for your teachers.


Global Handwashing Day

15 October 2014 - Features recorded by the Vibe FM Young Reporters at a Global Hand washing Day event in Austerville, KwaZulu Natal. Click on the links to listen to the soundbites:

 Audio profile
Lernos,  Manager of the Food Nutrition Programme in the Department of Health in KwaZulu Natal talks about the importance of hand washing and why is it important to wash your hands when you are preparing food.

 Handwashing Day on location in Austerville
Young people are share what they have learnt on this day.

 Audio commentaryUDIO COMMENTARY
Anele from the Department of Health in KwaZulu Natal shares with the youth reporters the importance of the Global Handwashing Day.

 Interview with UNICEF Nutrition Specialist
This clip is about the Global Handwashing Day and UNICEF Nutrition Specialist, Chantell shared with the youth reporters the reasons why is this day is important.


Ukufunda Virtual School puts the power of basic education back into the hands of every learner, teacher and parent in South Africa

12 September 2014 - The Ukufunda Virtual School offers personalised learning and teaching both in and beyond the classroom, anywhere, anytime. Ukufunda, which means “learn” in isiZulu, is the name of the virtual school that was developed by Mxit Reach, UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education. It’s an innovation in the South African education system that will address inequalities in the school system, raise education standards and put the power of education in the hands of every learner, teacher and parent. Read more>>


Children’s voices making “air” waves on community radio

LIMPOPO, South Africa, February 2014 - Like many other children living in South Africa, Koketso grew up to the sound of the radio playing somewhere in the background. The voices emanating from the airwaves were as familiar as that of his family members’, and he would often find himself humming along to a particular song or tune that was playing as he did his homework. Read more>>



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