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Voices of children: Growing up in Somalia

UNICEF Somalia/2012/Dhayi
© UNICEF Somalia/2012/Dhayi

In the central and southern parts of the country, an entire generation of Somali children has grown up without knowing peace or stability. Even in the relatively more peaceful northern regions of Somaliland and Puntland, where development efforts continue, children and women still face the prospect of a life filled with enormous challenge – long periods of drought, difficulty accessing adequate food, lack of clean water and poor access to basic social services.

Somali children tell their stories describing how it is like to be growing up in Somalia.

Children in Armed Conflict – stories of trauma and rehabilitation

Pictorial: Life through the eyes of a Somali child

Osman, 9, Bossaso

Abderahman, 13, Bossaso

Abdelwahab, 13, Bossaso

Saido, 17, Bacaado

Kafiya, 16, Galkayo

Nimo, 9, Hargeisa

Hawa, 17, Galkayo



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