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UN Humanitarian Coordinator commemorates one-year anniversary of last polio case
11 August 2015 - Today marks the one-year anniversary of the last reported case of polio in Somalia.

Video: What does it take to End Polio for every child?
20 May 2015 - Somalia has been polio free for more than 9 months and UNICEF is supporting intensive Government efforts to keep it that way. Vaccination campaigns are ongoing to ensure no more children suffer from polio which can cause paralysis or death.

Preventing and tackling child malnutrition close to home
April 2015 - One and half year old Ladan Mohamed Mahmoud gives a loud cry as he is placed in the spring scale with his legs dangling in the air. A health worker quickly notes down his weight before lifting him out and returning him to his mother.

A sachet of micronutrient powder a day boosts Somali children’s health and development
March 2015: Hasha Abdi Abdullahi was desperate. She was living in a makeshift camp for the displaced in Hargeisa with her seven children after being forced to leave her home, 50 kilometres away, because of drought.

Somalia has been polio free for six months but UN says vaccination campaigns must continue as risks remain
19 February 2015: Somalia is marking six months since the last polio case was seen in the country following an outbreak that affected 199 people, mostly children.

Video: UNICEF works to save the lives of Somali mothers
16 February 2015 - For many Somali women – giving birth is a terrifying ordeal. Women usually given birth at home, without professional help, far from medical facilities that could save their lives.

A new maternity ward in Borama, Somaliland to help save the lives of mothers and their newborns
February 2015 - A new maternity wing at a hospital in Somaliland will mean that 130 mothers a month will be able to give birth more safely aided by health care professionals.

Over 730,000 people across Somalia face acute food insecurity despite improvements in some areas
29 January 2015 – Despite improved food security following the Deyr harvest, improved livestock conditions, and mostly stable staple food prices, a large number of people across Somalia will be acutely food insecure through June 2015.

Japanese Government's support to Somali children
29 January 2015 - Somalia is one of the worst places in the world to be a child. One in every seven Somali children dies before their fifth birthday and tens of thousands are severely malnourished.

Communication for Development work on Polio in Puntland
January 2015 - In 2013 Somalia saw its first outbreak of polio in 6 years and a massive vaccination campaign followed mostly targeting children under five but also the under ten year olds and adults.

FAO, WHO & UNICEF join forces to fight against polio, measles and livestock diseases
17 December 2014 - Three UN agencies working in Somalia have combined efforts in a national vaccination campaign partly aimed at eradicating polio which causes lifelong paralysis or even death.

Somalia’s social mobilizers are key to the fight against polio
18 November 2014: Nearly two hundred people in Somalia – most of them children – have been affected by an outbreak of polio which began last year. However so far since 2014, there have been only five cases of polio, which causes paralysis and even death.

Agreement signed to decentralize health service delivery in Puntland
15 October 2014 – The Ministry of Health in Puntland has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Mayors of Bosasso, Garowe and Gardo Districts to decentralize health service delivery in Puntland.

New cold chain in Puntland to improve immunization services for children
10 October 2014 - UNICEF and the Puntland Ministry of Health inaugurated a brand new central cold chain and offices for the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), which will help to ensure that children in the region receive lifesaving vaccinations.

UNICEF uses emergency airlifts to save the lives of children in areas unreachable by road
15 September 2014 - Amid a changing security situation in Somalia, UNICEF and other UN agencies are using all means possible to bring life-saving supplies to families cut off from the outside world for months or years.

Somali Government and partners renew commitment to end preventable deaths of mothers and children
19 August 2014 – The Somali Federal Government, with support of 3 United Nations agencies and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, today launched two important initiatives and a report to ensure the health and wellbeing of mothers and children

UN agencies overcome hurdles to visit remote Somalia to investigate polio outbreak
August 2014 - UN agencies in Somalia combined forces once again to help a joint UNICEF and WHO team to visit a remote district of Puntland in north east Somalia where four people have contracted polio this year.

Polio transmission still not yet over in Somalia
22 July 2014 – Despite an ongoing intensive vaccination campaign, four new cases of polio have been confirmed in Somalia this year bringing the total number of those affected since the outbreak began in May 2013 to 198 – most of them children.

Central Emergency Response Fund allocates $1.4 million to fight measles outbreak in Somalia
14 July 2014: The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated US$1.4 million for an emergency campaign to combat the outbreak of measles in Somalia, that has already left thousands of children at risk of disability and death.

EU support reduces child mortality in Somalia
09 July 2014 - The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department is providing three million Euros to UNICEF Somalia to help reduce child mortality caused by severe acute malnutrition and diarrhoea...

Drought conditions set to worsen Somalia food crisis
8 July 2014: “The latest assessments from the Food and Agricultural Organization warn that the food crisis in Somalia will deteriorate in the coming months, with drought conditions already observed in parts of the country due to a poor rainy season.

Toddler in northern Somalia is paralysed by polio – one of four new cases this year
16 July 2014 –Two and half year old Asha Mohamed sits in her mother’s lap, playfully hiding her face behind her hands. She used to follow her mother, Anod Abdi Hassan, all round the house until she contracted polio earlier this year.

Somali mother walks for three days to find treatment for her severely malnourished toddler
7 July 2014 - When 18-month -old son Muhudin Sharrif began losing weight, vomiting and suffering from diahorrea, his mother Halimo Madey tried the only treatment available in the remote area of south central Somalia where they live.

Child Health Days reinforce routine immunization in Somalia
1 July 2014 - Every year thousands of children in Somalia die needlessly from preventable diseases – and the annual World Immunization Week aims to put a stop to that with social mobilizers persuading mothers to bring their children to be vaccinated.

Measles threatens thousands of Somali children
10 June 2014 – Outbreaks of measles in several regions have left thousands of Somali children at risk of disability or death if they are not urgently vaccinated against the highly contagious disease.

Essential Package of Health Services launched in Somalia to improve maternal and child health
6 May 2014 – The Somali Federal Government with the support of three United Nations agencies today launched a major new scheme to provide a comprehensive range of free health services to all Somalis.

Combating malnutrition in Somaliland
19 March 2014 – When two year old Yusuf Hashi was admitted to the nutrition Stabilization Centre at Hargeisa Hospital, Somaliland, he weighed just over eight kilogrammes – half the weight of a healthy toddler.





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