UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

UNICEF's Social Protection Strategy Framework

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AUTHOR Policy and Practice
TYPE Other
DATE 2012
TOPIC Child-sensitive social protection

UNICEF has been working on social protection for many years as part of its global mandate to advocate for and expand children’s rights and opportunities. This work includes supporting governments in the development and strengthening of programmes and policies, advocating for child and gender-sensitive social protection, as well supporting the Social Protection Floor Initiative. It is thus with great pleasure that UNICEF announces the launch of its first global Social Protection Strategic Framework. This newly released document presents UNICEF's approach to social protection, makes the case for child-sensitive interventions, promotes the development and strengthening of integrated social protection systems, discusses the importance of a multi-sector approach that maximizes linkages for improving sector outcomes, and discusses current debates including social protection financing, expansion of coverage, and inclusive design. Moreover, the Framework proposes a collaborative policy agenda for social protection – including UNICEF’s potential role – as a platform to engage development partners in leveraging social protection for children.

UNICEF's Social Protection Strategy Framework UNICEF's Social Protection Strategy Framework