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The Long Road from Tehran to Erdevik
A boy with a baseball cap is walking around the front yard of Stevan and Danijela Ribar’s family home in Erdevik, in northern Serbia. He is wearing headphones and quietly singing while listening to rap music. The Ribars explain that he is from Tehran...

Second Chance Directs Uros Towards a Brighter Future
Uros Savkovic is locked in a one-on-one duel with Ivan Djordjevic. They duck, dodge and feint around the concrete basketball court, battling for possession. At 18, Uros has youth on his side. But Ivan has the benefit of experience, and...

Stranded in Serbia, children find creative joy
The children around the table fell silent, fixing their attention on their friend. “I enjoy planting flowers. It reminds me of my grandmother,” 12-year old Siba was saying. “It’s what we used to do together, but she’s still in Syria. I miss her.”

Helping refugees and migrants weather the Balkan winter
As temperatures drop and families continue to arrive in Europe in search of safety and a better life, UNICEF and its partners are working urgently to provide support to the youngest travellers. Chartered buses lined up at the Sid railway station unload...

Muhamed Reaching his Goal Thanks to Model Programme
“I want to join the police force,” says Muhamed Jeseti. The 18-year-old from Kraljevo in southern Serbia certainly looks a prime candidate, with a muscular build seemingly made for maintaining public order (“I work out a little in the gym,” he shrugs).

Boset’s story: One child’s journey of survival and hope
Belgrade, Serbia, September 2015 - When he woke up that morning, six-year old Boset did what he had been doing for the previous few weeks. He came out of the tent, stretched and sought a place where he could be alone with his thoughts.

Reaching Out to Families in Need
The idea is to identify families in need of assistance – then send the outreach workers to collaborate with their clients to create a tailor-made support programme. Prevention and early intervention are the keys to success in keeping families together...

Kindergartens without Borders for the Best Start in Life
UNICEF is supporting the Kindergartens without Borders project, in cooperation with Serbia's government, academic institutions, municipalities and NGO partners, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. It is opening up places for children...

Outreach Workers Help Families Cope with Crisis
UNICEF has been working with the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth and the City of Belgrade's Centre for Social Work to set up a network of Family Outreach Workers - who can provide timely, tailor-made assistance at times of crisis ...

Insufficient investment in geographically remote schools
BARE, Serbia, 26 February 2015 - It is 19 degrees below zero. The climate is so severe that even dogs barely leave their warm shelters. On the Giljeva Mountain, which is 1300 meters above sea level, a primary school is located in the village of Bare...

Staying at School in Serbia
A UNICEF pilot project identifies pupils at risk of dropping out – and provides them and their schools with the support they need.

Education for all – Together
A network of education professionals is opening up Serbia’s schools to children of all backgrounds and abilities – with support from UNICEF.

Kindergartens without Borders
More children from isolated and vulnerable families in Serbia are enjoying a pre-school education – thanks to inspiration from UNICEF’s Kindergarten without Borders concept.

Serbia’s young people learn to help themselves
In tough economic times, the young people of Serbia need all the help they can get. Thanks to youth volunteer services and programmes supported by UNICEF, they are starting to help each other.

From institutional isolation to a loving family home
UNICEF is helping Serbia to realise its policy of deinstitutionalisation – so that all children can enjoy the benefits of growing up in a family environment.

Roma and Serbian children share their realities through a camera lens
Serbia: Roma and Serbian children share their realities through a camera lens...

Mirela: A Resilient Roma Girl setting her goals with support from HIV Prevention Drop-in Centre
Mirela, a seventeen-year old Roma girl, has learned to cope with challenges that would make even the strongest among us give up hope.

Bliss in the dark
Belgrade, Serbia, In a small, cozy room four people are laughing and talking about common things. They seem pretty close to each other, like they have been friends for a long time. It looks like an ordinary atmosphere among friends ...

Peers helping peers
Loznica, Serbia - The first floor of the health centre in Loznica is crowded with young people. The corridors are plastered with posters on healthy lifestyles, risks of unprotected sexual intercourse, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Life in a day: connecting Roma communities to health services (and more)
At the health centre in Cukarica on the outskirts of Belgrade, a Roma couple in their late teens are waiting nervously for Zorica Stanojevic. Rujezi and Merlina are expecting their first child, and are here for aroutine check-up.

“Kindergarten without Frontiers” – Great Expectations in Veliki Izvor
Veliki Izvor is an agricultural village with a population of 2,600 people, situated six kiloimeters away from the town of Zajecar in Eastern Serbia. It is famous for the production of nursery plants ...

Transforming law into reality: education for all in Serbia
Two schools in Belgrade transform the lives of children with disabilities

A child with disability is an excellent student
Like many of his friends, the 16-year-old Ljubomir Tintor is attending classes every day in the First High School in Belgrade. The only differences are that he is going to school in a special vehicle provided by the city transport company and ...

House in the middle of the road
Stamnica village, Serbia 2010 - "Mom! Mom! Could you please help me with the coffee?" shouts Ivana, a beautiful 18-year-old girl, dressed in white, carrying out a plastic plate with six cups of fresh coffee to the courtyard....

A new chance for a happy childhood
BELGRADE/VALJEVO, December 2011 - Andjela was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born five years ago. Her mother abandoned her while she was still in the maternity ward.

Embraced By the Municipality: Dusan’s Journey to Walking
Pirot, Serbia - It was a day like any other. Dusan was on his way to Pralipe, the Development Education Centre, to meet his patronage teacher for his daily lessons. The only difference today is that his twin brother, Dragan, is tagging along ...

“One Step Closer to Walking: How Collaborative Municipal Efforts Worked Together to Break Stigma”
Bela Palanka, Serbia - Nine-year-old Natalia always sits at the front of the class. It is her favourite place to be. She is an eager student with a record of straight 'A's. When the school bell rings in the end of the day ...



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