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  Multiple Cluster Indicator Survey 2014 (MICS 5) – Key Findings (PDF)
  Preliminary research results on gender-based violence in schools (PDF)
  UNICEF summary report - Realizing the rights of Roma Children and women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia  (PDF)
  POLICY IMPACT ANALYSIS: Providing Additional Support to Students from Vulnerable Groups in Pre-University Education (PDF)
  ANNEX 1: Institutional and Legal Framework for Pro-Poor Policies (PDF)
  ANNEX 2: Overview of Policies and Measures in the Social Welfare Sector Supporting Education Needs of Vulnerable Children (PDF)
  ANNEX 3: Overview of Measures for Poor and Roma Students Provided by CSOs (PDF)
  ANNEX 4: Recent and On-going Donor Assistance to Education and Social Welfare Sectors (PDF)
  ANNEX 5: Comparative Analysis (PDF)
  ANNEX 6: Financial Analysis of the Measures Proposed in the Draft Analysis Providing Additional Support to Children from Vulnerable Groups in Pre-University Education (PDF)
  Digital Violence - Summary (2013) (PDF)
  The State of the Worlds Children (PDF)
  Serbia we want - PRELIMINARY RESULTS (PDF)
  Serbia We Want  (PDF)
  DevInfo brochure (PDF)
  Investing in Early Childhood Education in Serbia (PDF)
  Investing in Early Childhood Education in Serbia -booklet (PDF)
  Children’s Rights and Business Principles (PDF)
  Children’s rights to be heard – Findings of a Baseline Assessment on Child Participation in Serbia (Research Executive Summary) (PDF)
  MICS4 - Monitoring the situation of children and women (PDF)
  MICS4 infographics (PDF)
  Women Motherhood Early Childhood Development (PDF)
  Child and Youth Educational Tourism in Rural Areas (PDF)
  Access for women and children to services in the rural areas of Serbia and proposed measures to improve their situation (PDF)
  Country Programme Action Plan 2011-2015 between The Government of the Republic of Serbia and UNICEF (PDF)
  Salt Iodisation in the Population of Serbia 2007 (PDF)
  BLAME AND BANISMENT The underground HIV epidemic affecting children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (PDF)
  Smart Book for Mum and Dad (PDF)
  Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2005 - Serbia (PDF)
  Breaking the cycle of exclusion: Roma children in South East Europe (PDF)
  The State of Children in Serbia; Poor and Excluded Children
(PDF part 1) (PDF part 2)
  Innocenti Social Monitor 2006 (PDF)
(Innocenti Research Centre)
  The State of the World's Children 2006
(Click here to go to dedicated website and download PDF)
  Strategy for Youth Development and Health in the Republic of Serbia (PDF)
  UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children (PDF)
  Child Protection (PDF)
  Local Plan of Action (LPA) for Children - a manual (PDF)
  National Plan of Action (NPA) (PDF)
  Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey II: The Report for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (PDF)
  Early Childhood Development - Evaluation of the Integrated Maternal and Childhood Health Program in Serbia (PDF)
  HIV/AIDS - Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PDF)
  Young People - Rapid Assessment and Response on HIV/AIDS among Especially Vulnerable Young People in Serbia (PDF)
  Young People - A Brave New Generation: Youth in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (PDF)
  Child Protection - Trafficking in Human Beings in Southeastern Europe
(PDF 2003-part1 ) 
(PDF 2003-part2)
(PDF 2004-part3)
  Education - Active Learning (PDF)
  Education - Civic Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the Republic of Serbia (PDF)
  Optimization of the Network of Schools in Serbia
(PDF1)   (PDF2)  
(PDF3)   (PDF4)  
(PDF5)   (PDF6)  
(PDF7)   (PDF8)







Convention on the Rights of the Child

Convention on the Rights of the Child (PDF)

Konvencija o pravima deteta (PDF)

Album dečjih prava [Child friendly  version in Serbian, Hungarian, Roma and Albanian](PDF)


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