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UNICEF is seen as an honest broker on a whole range of social inclusion issues in Serbia, creating space for dialogue on issues that affect the most vulnerable children and adolescents. We support the creation of strategic alliances to build a critical mass of partners who can demand improvements on behalf of such children.
Those on the edges of society face a multitude of problems that cannot be addressed by any one organization or agency working alone. They need a mix of support to connect them to their rights and to wider society, and this makes partnership absolutely essential.

While we work in partnership in every country, UNICEF Serbia is one of only a handful of UNICEF Country Offices that has dedicated partnerships capacity. Why? Because Serbia presents rich opportunities for strategic partnership on behalf of marginalized children.

As in other countries, our chief partner is the Government. But the recent creation of a range of independent monitoring child rights bodies, the rapid transformation of Serbian civil society, and the growth of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the private sector have paved the way for new kinds of cross-cutting partnerships.



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