Child survival

Child survival




News note: UNICEF Rwanda joins celebrations to mark the Maternal and Child Health Week, together with Global Handwashing Day
2 November, 2015- The Ministry of Health, supported by UNICEF Rwanda and partners launched a one-week campaign on Maternal and Child Health complemented with Global Handwashing Day celebration.

News note: Showcasing Community Based Nutrition activities to Members of Parliament from the Netherlands in Muhanga district
19 August 2015 – On a warm Wednesday afternoon, Parliamentarians from the Government of the Netherlands accompanied by H.E. Frédérique de Man, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Rwanda were welcomed at Buruba village in Cyeza Sector, Muhanga district .

News note: The Ministry of Health, UNICEF and partners to vaccinate 10,000 Burundian refugee children against potentially deadly polio and measles
23 May 2015 – More than 10,000 children who fled their homes in Burundi to find safety in neighbouring Rwanda are to be immunised against polio and measles to prevent outbreaks of the deadly diseases.

Agnes - Champion of the PMTCT programme
10 February 2015 - On a sunny Tuesday morning, you can see a number of mothers with their children seated in the waiting area patiently expecting their turn in the Matyazo Health Center in Huye district.

Scaling up Home fortification in Rwanda
March 2015 - The Ministry of Health and UNICEF Rwanda have partnered to bring micronutrient powder (Ongera Intungamubiri) to all children aged 6-23 months in Rwanda.

Thousands of people receive the message of hand washing with soap during the 7th Global Hand washing Day celebrations in Rwanda
15 October 2014 - More than four thousand people gathered in Nyabihu District, Western Rwanda to celebrate the Global Hand washing Day for the 4th time as the world celebrated its seventh anniversary.

Innovative ways to combat Malnutrition continues in Rwanda
12 December 2013 - Valentine, 26 and mother of 3-year-old girl Clemence, smiles at her rabbits. “Last September I received a pair of rabbits. I feel stronger feeding them and watching them grow.”

News note: KOICA provides UNICEF $4.5 million for innovative technologies to save lives of new born children and mothers in Rwanda
7 August 2013 – Today UNICEF Rwanda, the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Government of Rwanda reached a new agreement to improve maternal and child care through using RapidSMS technology to track pregnant women and babies.

Rwanda is first sub-Saharan African country to roll out measles and rubella vaccination
March 2013 - After working in the small field near her home in the early morning, 37 year old Giovance Kyomugisha bathes and dresses three of her youngest children Ukwishaka (8), Hope (6) and Gift (1) for the important day ahead.

Nearly 5 million children to be immunised against measles and rubella in Rwanda
13 March 2013 - Thousands of children and their parents converged on the hills surrounding Kibeho’s health centre in southern Rwanda as the first ever combined measles-rubella immunization campaign kicked off in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rwanda marks major milestone in its efforts to promote child survival
25 May 2012 - Rwanda today became the fourth country in Africa to introduce the rotavirus vaccine to prevent deaths related to diarrheal disease.

Rwanda marks another step in pioneering Child Survival
May 6 2012 - On Saturday evening, at the tarmac of Kigali International Airport, a special cargo plane landed and ushered in a new chapter in child survival in Rwanda.

Rwanda to provide ten vaccines to children
29 March 2012 - This week UNICEF delivered 111 vaccine storage refrigerators to Rwanda’s Minister of Health to ensure that the country was set for the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine.

Revealing results from Rwanda's Home Fortification Report: A balanced diet may not be a nutritious one
23 January 2012 - A recent report on Home Fortification, conducted by the Ministry of Health, with support from UNICEF and others finds that home fortification – using micronutrient powders (MNP) must not be used as a standalone method.

Right to Invest in Nutrition
22 November 2011: At the opening of Rwanda’s Second National Summit on Nutrition, Dr. Nicholas Alipui, UNICEF’s Global Director for Programmes, congratulated the country for keeping nutrition high on its national agenda...

Keeping Malaria at bay in Rwanda
16 October 2011 – Across Rwanda, mothers and children are benefiting from faster malaria diagnosis, the widespread distribution of nets, and the diligence of hospital and health centre staff determined to keep malaria in check.

Helping Rwanda’s babies have an HIV-free future
September 2011: In the small town of Nyamata, forty-five minutes south of the nation’s capital, a comprehensive programme is in place to give the babies of HIV positive parents the best start in life.

UNICEF Supports Training for Government on Data Management to Eliminate Malnutrition
September 2011 - Promoting nutrition, particularly amongst children under the age of five, has been a strong Government priority since August 2009.

A healthy future for Rwanda’s babies
June 2011: In the busy lake-side town of Gisenyi, a therapeutic nutrition rehabilitation unit is helping to give babies a healthy start in life, thanks to support from UNICEF.

UNICEF Welcomes Rwanda’s Campaign to Eliminate HIV Transmission from Mother to Child
13 May 2011 – UNICEF welcomed the announcement yesterday of a national campaign to eliminate the vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child in Rwanda.

New hope in combating number one killer of children
February 2011 - It’s just a little over a year since Rwanda introduced a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine known as PCV-7, which protects children against one of the most severe causes of pneumonia, and surprisingly the results seem positive.

World’s First International Community Health Conference Held in Kigali
4 February, 2011 - Over 350 delegates from 15 countries converged in Kigali last week to call the world’s attention to the rapid expansion and scope of community health in strengthening health systems and achieving the MDGs.

6th Rwandan Conference on Children and AIDS Tackles Role of Education Sector in Preventing and Mitigating Effects of HIV
November 18, 2010 - Key note speakers at the sixth annual Pediatric Conference on Children and AIDS in Rwanda appealed to the education sector to take on a stronger role in both preventing and protecting children affected by HIV.

How an sms can save a life
July 2010 - A small chip inserted inside an ordinary mobile phone is helping mothers, families, health workers, district officials and Ministry of Health staff ensure that pregnant mothers receive the best health care.

A positive way to make a difference
June 2010 - In the heart of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, there is a centre that provides holistic services to families to prevent the transmission of HIV from parents to their children.

Mosquito nets to keep malaria at bay
June 2010 - Seraphine Kabasinga, mother of four, has always been scared of malaria. And since she lives in an endemic-zone, just an hour east of Rwanda’s capital, she knows that malaria can kill.

A feeding pot enriched with vitamins
June 2010 - Nyamata, Rwanda: Twice a year, in this dusty plain in eastern Rwanda, the Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF organises a Mother and Child Health Week to provide key life saving interventions like immunisations and vitamin A.

Four and a half million Rwandan children targeted for life-saving interventions
April 27, 2010 - During a week long campaign, launched today by the First Lady of Rwanda, millions of children and women across the country will be reached with a package of critical life-saving interventions to accelerate maternal and child survival.



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