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Reading data with Children in an Innovative way as part of Africa Statistics Day

UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe



Why did the attendance rates in primary schools drop from 90% in 2011 to 88% in 2014?” questioned Phineas, 15 during the recent Reading Data with children event. Over 50 children, including boys and girls and children with disabilities came from three different districts of Kigali City. Phineas, and his friends were not only able to ask questions to government officials and UNICEF staff but also provide interesting analysis and insights from their perspective.

UNICEF Rwanda joins celebrations to mark the Maternal and Child Health week, together with Global Handwashing Day

UNICEF Rwanda/2015



The Ministry of Health, supported by UNICEF Rwanda and partners launched a one-week campaign on Maternal and Child Health complemented with Global Handwashing Day celebration. These health weeks now integrated with hand washing this year have been critical to ensure progress in the realisation of Rwandan children’s right to health and to the best start in life.


1000 days communication initiative to fight against child stunting

1000 days communication initiative to fight against child stunting


In an effort to accelerate the elimination of stunting among children, Ministry of Health and UNICEF created a series of posters, booklet, radio spot and videos to educate and inform families and communities. The five pillars of key behaviors are breastfeeding, timely initiation of complementary feeding with balance diet, balanced diet for pregnant women, immunizations and handwashing. 

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