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Development opportunities and resource centre for adolescents in Bucharest
BUCHAREST, 30 January 2015 – Today, UNICEF together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), Bucharest District 4 City Hall, and ALIAT Association launched the “Opportunities for Adolescents” intervention model in Bucharest.

UNICEF and Romgaz help children go to school
BUCHAREST, January 12, 2015. UNICEF and Romgaz have signed a partnership agreement in order to help prevent and reduce absenteeism, dropout and early school leaving, as part of UNICEF School Attendance Initiative.

The Chamber of Deputies – NACRPA – UNICEF: investing in children should be a priority
BUCHAREST, December 10, 2014. Today, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly, through its National Authority for Child

Including all children in quality education - a regional priority
BUCHAREST, December 3, 2014. The UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States and the UNESCO Institute of Statistics are organizing the first ever international workshop on monitoring Out-of-School Children

Opportunities for all adolescents
IAȘI , 25 November 2014

Romanian Ministry of Education and UNICEF: Investing in education is essential for Romania's economic growth
BUCHAREST, November 24, 2014. The Romanian Ministry of Education and UNICEF have released today the study "Cost of non-investment in Education in Romania", an analysis of the impact that the poor allocation of funds to the national education system has on

Protecting children against violence is a priority!
BUCHAREST, 21 November 2014. On November 20th, 2014 – the Universal Children’s Day, UNICEF Romania and the Chamber of Deputies organized an Awareness Raising and Fundraising Gala to help protect children from violence.

United Nations Day 2014 Celebrated in Romania
The United Nations in Romania in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated the United Nations Day 2014. More than 100 representatives of the Romanian Government and Parliament, central authorities, ambassadors, key opinion leaders, repre

Norway and UNICEF will invest 5.3 million euros in community-based services in Bacau County
BUCHAREST, 10 October 2014 - UNICEF, in partnership with the Romanian Government and Bacau County Council, have launched the “Social inclusion through the provision of integrated social services at community level” model in the presence of Romania’s Prime

Verbal violence hurts!
BUCHAREST, September 30th, 2014 - UNICEF in partnership with the National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption (ACPA) and the Department for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men (DEOWM) of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and

UNICEF salutes the adoption of banning the institutionalization of children under 3 law
BUCHAREST, 17 September 2014 - UNICEF salutes the initiative of the Romanian Parliament with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly and National Authority for the Protection of Child Rights and Adoption to ban the

Wella Professionals and UNICEF: Piatra Neamț Training Centre – a public-private partnership for the benefit of vulnerable adolescents
PIATRA NEAMȚ, 12 September 2014 -Wella Professionals, Neamţ General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection and UNICEF Romania officially opened the ‘I Learn, I Know, I Can’ Training Centre in Piatra Neamț on Friday, 12 September 2014.

Support vulnerable families to reduce reliance on institutional care: UNICEF
NEW YORK/GENEVA 10 September 2014 – At least 1.4 million children in 26 countries across Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia are growing up apart from their biological parents, often in institutional settings that can affect their development.

Violence against children – a global concern
BUCHAREST, 5 September 2014. UNICEF launched the report “Hidden in Plain Sight”, the largest-ever compilation of data on violence against children which shows the staggering extent of physical, sexual and emotional abuse to which children are exposed. Als

#ENDviolence against children
BUCHAREST – 4 September, 2014. The Secretary of State, Ioana Liana Cazacu and the UNICEF Representative in Romania, Sandie Blanchet have signed a partnership agreement today, whereby the Department for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (DEOWM) – under

UNICEF and Carrefour help children go to school
BUCHAREST, 14 August 2014. Between 15 August and 30 September 2014, UNICEF and Carrefour is rolling out a fundraising campaign to help children from underprivileged backgrounds go to school. In every one of the 25 Carrefour hypermarkets throughout the cou

UNICEF Romania releases music video to support #EndViolence
BUCHAREST, 25 July 2014 - UNICEF Romania today launched a new interactive music video dedicated to the prevention of violence against children as part of the global campaign #ENDviolence.

Respecting children’s rights – a priority for the Ombudsman and UNICEF Romania
BUCHAREST, 3 July 2014. Today, the Ombudsman and UNICEF Romania launched a special report on "Respecting the rights of children deprived of liberty in Romania".

Legislative Proposal Background and Figures on Institutionalisation
25 June 2014

Ministry of Labour and National Authority and UNICEF: Children are a priority!
BUCHAREST, 1 June 2014 - The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly (MLFSPE) and the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption (NACRPA), with the support of UNICEF Romania.

Romanian postage stamps invite you to say END violence against children!
BUCHAREST, Friday, 30th May 2014

Government of Romania, World Bank and UNICEF: early child education is a priority!
BUCHAREST, 10 April 2014

UNICEF salutes the establishment of the National Authority for the Protection of Child Rights and Adoption
BUCHAREST, 31 March 2014



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