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Finding a safe space for learning in a country beset by violence
20 August 2014 with video

In Burkina Faso, simple and sustainable solutions for rural communities’ water needs
19 August 2014

In Niger, help for children living on the streets
18 August 2014 with video

In Nigeria, a message for maternal and child health
15 August 2014

A young girl dreams, despite adversity
14 August 2014 with video

In a country in conflict, a single hospital for children
12 August 2014 with video

Heroes on the front line in the fight against Ebola
06 August 2014

A long path to recovery for children in Gaza
05 August 2014

A partnership provides life-saving treatment in Mali
05 August 2014 with video

In South Sudan, response to looming threats of disease and malnutrition is a race against time and the elements
01 August 2014

No safe place for children in Gaza
28 July 2014

Vaccination campaign to reach most vulnerable children in Lebanon
23 July 2014

Amid the crowds sheltering in a school, a displaced Iraqi girl dreams of home
22 July 2014

Young health volunteer tackles HIV among adolescents in Brazil
17 July 2014

Adolescent girl club in Sierra Leone tackles teenage pregnancy and engenders independence
15 July 2014 with video

Children bear the brunt of renewed fighting in Gaza
14 July 2014

Mia Farrow talks about the tremendous loss suffered by children and women displaced in the Central African Republic
07 July 2014 with audio and video

A Malian refugee girl in Niger chooses school over marriage
01 July 2014 with video

“We were forced to kill,” recalls child released from armed forces in Chad
30 June 2014

Crowds turn up for polio vaccinations in Nigeria’s north-east
27 June 2014



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