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GEORGIA, 2004 - A girl counts with an abacus in a class at the Musical Boarding School in the western city of Kutaisi. Most of Kutaisi's abandoned and orphaned children are placed here.
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Thanks to the generous support and commitment of partners, UNICEF works relentlessly to reach millions of children. UNICEF’s universal mandate means that every child, everywhere deserves a fair chance at a better future. 

In 2014, an estimated 230 million children lived in countries and areas affected by armed conflicts. Also, 102 million people were affected by natural disasters, and over 50 per cent of them were children. In these contexts, UNICEF’s mandate to reach every child, especially the most disadvantaged, becomes even more urgent. UNICEF believes that priority must be given to those children who are the most marginalized – not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the most practical and cost-effective solution in order to achieve greater results for children. In 2014, UNICEF continued to address the inequities in opportunity that leave too many children behind. That meant providing support for children to have a good start in life – to be nourished and healthy, to learn, to be protected and safe. Giving them a good start not only changes their future, but charts a new course for their children as well.

Coming soon - UNICEF's Call to Action - 10 case studies outlining how partners can join UNICEF in achieving results for children

Ways in which partners can support UNICEF:

Regular Resources – funds without restrictions to their use – allow UNICEF to streamline business practices and programming, reduce transaction costs, and maintain maximum flexibility in order to reach those children most in need. Since Regular Resources (RR) are not destined to any specific programme activity, they can be allocated where they are needed most or shifted quickly to react to gaps or new challenges (such as surges in emergency response).

Thematic Funding is UNICEF’s first choice when Resource Partners do choose to earmark contributions. The funds allow resource partners to direct the use of funds according to their priorities, while directly supporting UNICEF’s Strategic Plan results. 


Please contact your focal point within UNICEF’s Public Partnerships Division for more details on how to provide support.









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