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Other resources regular

Other Resources Regular (ORR) are earmarked funds, received for a specific programme purpose – at global, regional and country levels – or strategic priority. ORR are allocated to fund development activities as outlined in country programmes approved by the UNICEF Executive Board.
See how ORR are contributing to UNICEF-supported programmes helping families living with HIV in Angola

See how ORR are contributing to the eradication of polio

ORR contributions

ORR can be contributed through the following funding modalities:

  • Thematic funding
  • Pooled funding and trust funds
  • Global Programme Partnerships (see below)
  • International Financial Institutions

ORR contributions 2007–2014 Thematic vs. Non-thematic, in millions US$

"Thematic ORR" are pooled funds to support the achievement of results in one of the seven thematic funding areas of the 2014–17 Strategic Plan or the cross-cutting areas humanitarian action - described as "Thematic ORE" - or gender. "Non-thematic" are all other earmarked resources contributed to UNICEF programmes.

Download ‘2013 Compendium of Contributions by Main Donors’ for more details.

Global Programme Partnerships (GPPs)

GPPs have long been part of the development architecture, and recently become a key institutional instrument to deliver global public goods and focus response to global challenges. UNICEF has historically played an important role in shaping and co-managing GPPs, contributing through its convening power and extensive global, regional country presence with operational and technical capacities at all levels. UNICEF also works with GPPs to address transnational issues, such as negotiating prices of essential commodities with industries, to leverage greater aid effectiveness.



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