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Forthcoming UNICEF Publications

UNICEF Annual Report 
Expected release date: June 2015

UNICEF’s Annual Report 2014 will highlight results achieved for children in 2014 through UNICEF action in 90 countries, in both humanitarian and development contexts. The ‘equity agenda’ – UNICEF’s work on behalf of the most disadvantaged children – will be an overarching theme. 

Report on Regular Resources 2014
Expected release date: June 2015

The report on Regular Resources (RR) makes the case for why RR is important to UNICEF’s work in delivering results for children. Because they are unrestricted, core resources help UNICEF make an impact in its development programmes and humanitarian assistance. The report includes a detailed analysis of RR revenue and expense data, and presents key results achieved.

Progress for Children 2015
Expected release date: June 2015

As the final edition of the Progress for Children series, the report will provide a comprehensive overview, as well as a final assessment, of each of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with respect to children. It will highlight progress made towards meeting the MDG targets and addressing the remaining challenges and disparities children are currently facing.





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