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Social Accountability

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Accountability for Children's Rights - PDF
With special attention to social accountability and its potential to achieve results and equity for children

Rights in Principle and Accountable in Practice:
Child Rights and Social Accountability in the Post-2015 World
3-4 March 2014

The 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRCand the ongoing development of the Post-2015 Framework represent a significant moment to focus on the urgent changes needed to address the substantial challenges that remain in reaching the most disadvantaged children. To this end UNICEF, in collaboration with the UK National Committee for UNICEF, convened a two-day workshop bringing together social accountability researchers, practitioners and child rights experts to discuss how civil society engagement can help accelerate results for children by holding governments accountable. 

Led by Susana Sottoli, Associate Director of Programmes, and Richard Morgan, Senior Advisor on the  Post-2015 Development Agenda, the highly-interactive workshop culminated in the creation of an emerging network of likeminded partners who committed to collectively exploring and contributing to the existing evidence around the impact of social accountability on the lives of children, further translating the concept into programmatic action in the field, and generating advocacy on including social accountability in the Post-2015 Framework and beyond.

Background documents

Responding to the Demand for Accountability for Child Rights

Improving Outcomes Through Social Accountability

Children's Participation in Social Accountability Initiatives

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