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Promoting emergency preparedness in Papua New Guinean schools
In early 2014, more than 1,000 Okiufa Primary School students and their teachers rushed out of their classrooms in a panic when a big earthquake hit the township of Goroka in Eastern Highlands Province.

Mother mentors contribute to prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV
When Margaret Ishmael found out she was HIV positive ten years ago in 2002 at the age of 20, she was so shocked that she collapsed, utterly devastated at what this news implied for her future.

Hospital certifies HIV negative babies
Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea - When three-year-old Haddeshah Mipil was declared HIV negative at the Mt. Hagen General Hospital, her HIV positive parents, Mark and Lucy were thrilled. Lucy had earlier lost a child to HIV in her

Eliminating HIV among children in Papua New Guinea
Ten per cent of an estimated 25,000people living with HIV in Papua New Guinea are children. The majority of children acquire the infection from their mothers during pregnancy, delivery or after delivery through breast feeding.

UNICEF supports QBR event in PNG
The view from atop a cherry picker of some 300 school children passing the Queen’s Baton as they stood in a formation of the XX Commonwealth Games logo was stunning. UNICEF’s unmistakable parent and child symbol emblazoned on cyan colored caps contras

Tetanus toxoid campaign is on again
Sixteen-year old high school student, Bernadette Kila wants to know if women who receive the tetanus toxoid vaccination will still be able to get pregnant.She asks this question to a panel of speakers who are taking part in a live outside radio broadcas

UNICEF promotes inclusive education
Elementary student, David Ezarete sits in his wheel chair in the middle of his elementary class unfazed by a group of visitors who have just entered his classroom.

Notes from the field: Child Friendly School Clubs and the Potential for Gender Equality
Last month, Dr. Cliff Meyers (UNICEF’s Regional Education Advisor) and I visited Papua New Guinea (PNG) as part of a country support mission. My role was to offer a regional perspective on gender in education and early childhood policies, initiatives and

UNICEF demonstrates Riskland in Oro
Often described as a cowboy town, it was with much apprehension that my two UNICEF colleagues and I set off to the provincial capital of Northern Province, Popondetta, on July 10 this year.

Oro students first off the mark to play Riskland
Twelve-year-old Archie Ohusa still holds distressing memories of his home town, Popondetta, ravaged by a cyclone five years ago and he fears it can happen again.

Broadcasters promote safe motherhood on radio airwaves
We sat in stunned silence as we listened to a story of a young woman whose uterus had to be surgically removed after she punctured it with a stick while trying to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.

By any means
If I had known a health trip for a mobile immunisation activity to a remote inland Rigo community in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea would be a gruelling 10-hour foot journey, I might have had second thoughts about going along.

Eric the helicopter baby
Four-year-old Eric Raphael is known as the helicopter baby by everyone in his remote Goutakomana village in inland Rigo, Central Province

Remote Rigo inland villagers get immunised
When I caught sight of 37-year-old mother of five, Iamo Bagu, cradling her new born baby in a CRC church hall at Kwaiva Iruka village in inland Rigo, Central Province, I immediately wondered if she gave birth in a health facility.

Six-month old Toshie Fiunakot kicks off special immunisation campaign in Papua New Guinea
Six-month old Toshie Fiunakot is the centre of attention at a packed hall in Caritas Technical School in Port Moresby and he has no idea why he is surrounded by so many people fussing over him.

Addressing gender based violence in Minj
Margaret Yalo has lived the past four years of her life in wretched dejection and often wonders why she was spared her life.

Male advocates for girls education – Petersens story
What sets young Peterson Simahe apart from his peers is his passionate drive to get young girls who have dropped out of the school system back into classrooms.

Never too old to learn
Thirty-year old mother of three, Susan Mai is perhaps the oldest student in Papua New Guinea's basic education system.

FBOs work with Government to address child protection issues
Eric Waisu was only six years old in 1985 when his mother passed away from a major illness.

Kundiawa opens its Family Support Centre
Little did Sister OpaTugo know that her perfunctory remarks to a challenge after a two-day workshop on child protection in August of 2007 would trigger a chain of events ...



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