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Making the invisible visible

July 2013: Children are affected by violence in every country and at all levels of society. But it is often an invisible problem, occurring behind closed doors, or shrouded in silence born of social tolerance, stigma or taboo. UNICEF calls for global support in making the invisible visible, in filling silences with voices to end childhood violence.

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December 2013: A European Union and UNICEF initiative aims to improve nutrition security and fight under-nutrition in Asia.

May 2013: Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the number of children living in institutions is conservatively estimated at 240,000.

July 2013: Violence affects children in every country and at all levels of society, but the problem is often invisible or shrouded in silence.

March 2013: An October 2012 immunization campaign against measles and rubella in Mongolia reached over 500,000 children.