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26 September 2016

Zimbabwe, 2016: Ongoing, El Niño-induced drought in the country has devastated crops and destroyed livelihoods, and its toll on children’s well-being is only now starting to be felt. More than 4 million Zimbabweans, including 1.9 million children, will need food aid; and an estimated 90,000 children will need malnutrition treatment. Several struggling families are down to just one meal a day. In Matebeland South Province, families have resorted to eating shrivelled fruit to survive.

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Danger every step of the way

“We risked our lives to come here,” said Mohammad, 17, “We knew it is not safe. We do it, or we die.”

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Twenty-five landmarks for children

Celebrating 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with 25 landmarks for children.
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Still haunted by nightmares

UNICEF-supported child-friendly spaces provide a safe and protective environment, helping children cope in Bujumbura.
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Children in emergencies

Around the world, children continue to be caught up in situations that put their very survival at risk.

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