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18 August 2014

Iraq, 2014: A health worker administers a dose of oral polio vaccine to a displaced Yazidi boy, in Bajeed Kandala camp. The Ministry of Health, with the support of UNICEF and the World Health Organization, has just concluded a campaign aiming to reach over 4 million children under age 5 with polio immunizations. Polio re-emerged in Iraq earlier this year, and the ongoing conflict leaves children increasingly vulnerable to the crippling disease.

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Support for Yazidis

Fighting in Iraq’s Sinjar District uprooted members of the ethno-religious Yazidi group who called the area home.

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Grace, 7, Central African Republic

Grace a Dieu Yasoupou and her stuffed unicorn, Divine, live at a displacement site in Bangui.
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HIV/AIDS care and support

July 2014: The CEE/CIS region shows one of the fastest increases in the spread of HIV/AIDS worldwide.

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Children affected by war

Syria’s war, now well into its third year, threatens to scar an entire generation of the country’s children.

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