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25 August 2014

Iraq, 2014: Displaced children play with puppets from a recreation kit, at a UNICEF child-friendly tent in Dohuk Governorate. This month, UNICEF has sent 1,000 metric tons – enough to fill 19 cargo jumbo jets – of life-saving supplies to children caught in the world’s biggest crises. With shipments going to the Central African Republic, Iraq, Liberia, the State of Palestine, South Sudan and the Syrian Arab Republic, the supply operation is the biggest in a single month in UNICEF’s history.

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UNICEF is in Gaza

UNICEF continues to deliver vital humanitarian aid for children in Gaza.

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Nyaluak, 14, South Sudan

“I want to be a doctor or a nurse – but how can we do it if there are no schools?” says Nyaluak.

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Becoming a president

At Ahmadiya Muslim Primary School, the child-friendly model of education is driving better learning results.

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Children affected by war

Syria’s war, now well into its third year, threatens to scar an entire generation of the country’s children.

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