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15 December 2014

South Sudan, 2014: Today marks a tragic anniversary for South Sudan: one year since the eruption of violence that has left nearly 750,000 children internally displaced and forced more than 320,000 to seek refuge abroad. Rates of malnutrition in children have more than doubled as a result of the conflict. In Jonglei State, a child’s feet are checked for oedema, a sign of severe acute malnutrition, during a UNICEF-supported nutrition screening programme.

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A year of conflict

December 2014 marks one year since the escalation of violence in the Central African Republic.

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Twenty-five landmarks for children

Celebrating 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with 25 landmarks for children.
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A grim year for children

The year 2014 subjected children to a growing number of crises.

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Children in emergencies

Around the world, children continue to be caught up in situations that put their very survival at risk.

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