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23 March 2015

Liberia, 2015: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom chats with a girl whose school, in Grand Cape Mount County, was closed between last year’s summer break and March 2015 as a result of the Ebola outbreak. Mr. Bloom met the girl during his visit last week to Liberia, where he saw UNICEF’s ongoing Ebola response and drew attention to the need for continued support to rebuild critical health, education and other essential services that have been disrupted in the crisis.

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Water to fight Ebola

Caring for each Ebola patient in Liberia requires 10 times the amount of water a Liberian normally uses.

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Twenty-five landmarks for children

Celebrating 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with 25 landmarks for children.
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Life after coming home

Orphaned by Ebola, Mercy starts anew in the loving home of a foster family.

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Children in emergencies

Around the world, children continue to be caught up in situations that put their very survival at risk.

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