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26 May 2015

Rwanda, 2015: (Foreground) Birnise Iradukunda, 4, who is from Burundi, drinks porridge with supplemental nutrients to treat her malnutrition, in Mahama refugee camp, in Rwanda’s Eastern Province. Civil unrest has erupted in Burundi amid the approach of a tense presidential election, to be held in June. Over 112,400 Burundian refugees have fled to neighbouring countries, including Rwanda, where more than 26,700 of the refugees are staying, as of 18 May.

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Water to fight Ebola

Caring for each Ebola patient in Liberia requires 10 times the amount of water a Liberian normally uses.

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Twenty-five landmarks for children

Celebrating 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with 25 landmarks for children.
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Including Usher

Usher, who has a physical disability, is attending a UNICEF-supported inclusive school in Guinea-Bissau.

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Children in emergencies

Around the world, children continue to be caught up in situations that put their very survival at risk.

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