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Champions for Children is a community of individuals whose regular contributions enable the poorest, most vulnerable children to enjoy the right to education, healthcare and nutrition as well as protection from violence, abuse and exploitation. 

But does UNICEF—an international organization with government and corporate partners—really need the support of individual champions?  Yes!  When pooled together, the modest yet regular monthly donations made by individual donors like you add up to provide us with a steady and reliable source of funds. This kind of committed funding is necessary for us to sustain ongoing projects and map out long-term strategies in the fight for children's rights.  It also allows us to quickly respond when and where the need is greatest, such as providing emergency relief during calamities, times of conflict and other critical situations.

How can your monthly donation help?

To be a Champion for Children is to be a champion for change. All funds raised will be used to help children in the Philippines and worldwide. Here's how:

  • Many children die before their 5th birthday, but your PHP 600 / month can help 6 children survive by providing them with life-saving medical treatments.
  • Most children don't get to finish 6th grade, but your PHP 500 / month can help 5 children stay in school by providing them with books and basic supplies.

PHP 20.00 per day = PHP 600 per month
PHP 16.67 per day = PHP 500 per month

With your pledge, YOU are helping change the future of the poorest, most vulnerable children. YOU are a UNICEF partner in championing the rights of children. Give monthly online NOW. 


How can I sign up to be a Champion?

Every donation will go directly to help children in the Philippines and worldwide through UNICEF's programs in education, health, nutrition and child protection. To start contributing, you can sign up through any of the following ways:

  1. In person. Interested donors can sign up to become a Champion for Children at UNICEF booths in selected locations across the Philippines. The most convenient way is to have your donation charged to your credit card to efficiently process it and ensure that funds reach the children who need them.
  2. By phone. Those who wish to donate can call our hotline (+63 2) 758 1000 / 758 1442 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to speak with us about becoming a Champion for Children. UNICEF also contacts potential donors by phone, so you may be called by one of our fundraisers after receiving an introductory e-mail from us.
  3. Online. Interested donors can opt to sign up through our website.

Upon signing up, Champions will receive a welcome SMS or call to confirm their participation. Once confirmed, they will receive a welcome letter from UNICEF Philippines National Ambassador Gary Valenciano and a donor guide booklet.

Members of this caring community will gain a better understanding of how their contribution has made a difference in children's lives through regular updates from beneficiaries, UNICEF staff and project reports. They will also receive certificates of appreciation, specially designed tokens and their very own Champions for Children ID.



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