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Seeing beyond the conflict, creating new connections

Following the September 2013 siege in Zamboanga, young people coming from different groups with long standing conflictual histories have been forced to live together in a transitory site in Masepla. This is where the story of Jay and Nur is situated.

Using theatre to promote post-disaster agenda for adolescents

In post-disaster communities struggling to pick up the pieces of whatever they have left, children and youth are particularly exposed to harsh realities on the ground: trafficking and exploitative labour, early pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, trauma, and different forms of violence and abuse.

Learning life skills through football

Football for Life is a project of Fundlife and supported by UNICEF Philippines. The goal of the project is to provide psycho-social support to young survivors. The project aims to raise the morale and confidence of those affected, giving them a sense of direction

Riza and Baba’s Story: A continuing quest for learning

A lot of children in the transitory site have dropout of school this previous school year due to the distance of their new dwelling place from school. With the six learning spaces built in the transitory site, we hope to have more children going back to school this June.

Ensuring safe births in rural upland communities

A birthing facility provides safe, efficient and free delivery services for pregnant women in the town of Malungon, Sarangani Province.

Helping improve health systems in rural areas

Real-time community health information tracking system makes it possible to obtain and monitor key maternal and child health indicators at the municipality level.

UNICEF establishes a fun-filled child-friendly space to help the earthquake affected families

Child-friendly spaces provide children safe areas where they can play and receive psychosocial support to help them recover from the earthquake.

The One Minutes Jr. workshop blog

19 boys and girls from Tacloban have gathered to participate in a The One Minutes Jr. workshop, which teaches children and young people how to create powerful 60-second videos about issues that affect them.

Survive and thrive: nutrition for vulnerable children

UNICEF worked with the Davao City local health office to find and treat severely malnourished children, procure and store therapeutic food, and properly track children’s recovery.

Community stage actors spread awareness on HIV/AIDS

Theatre groups get a chance to step out of the physical confines of a stage and commit themselves to educate and serve their community.

A cyclone-affected school welcomes children back to class

With the support of UNICEF, Mele Maat Primary school in Vanuatu reopened and welcomed back students, so children like Daniel can continue his schooling and have a safe place to study and play.

Children remember Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam has left around 82,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance. UNICEF spoke to some children about their experiences when the storm hit, and how life has been like after.

Smiles after the super cyclone

UNICEF is helping restore and provide safe water supply in communities where water supply systems have been damaged by the Cyclone Pam. For children like Adelaide and Jeremiah, this means that they can stay clean and healthy.

The young helping the young: Fighting HIV amidst a humanitarian crisis

Youth counselors are helping increase HIV awareness among those still living in transitory sites in Zamboanga City more than a year after the 2013 urban armed conflict.

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