Supply and Procurement Section


Supply and Procurement Section

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Supply and Procurement Section in the UNICEF Pakistan Country Office is responsible for overseeing all local and offshore procurement and logistics operations.

UNICEF’s procurement is guided by the organization’s priorities: child survival and development, basic education and gender equality, fighting HIV/AIDS and child protection.

All documents advertised by the Supply Section in UNICEF Pakistan Country Office can be seen on this page.

LRPS-FMA: 2014-9114271 - For the Provision of Supporting Launch of Measles SIA in Punjab - Closing date 22-Sep-2014

LRPS-FMA: 2014-9114272 - For the Provision of Supporting for Communication Strategy for Routine Immunization (only for International Bidding)  - Closing date 16-Sep-2014 

LRPS-FMA: 2014-9114125- For the Provision of Developing Monitoring & Evaluation Tools through GIS Mapping - Closing date 15-Sep-2014

LRPS-FMA: 2014-9114121- For the Provision of Assessment of Mass Media Campaigning on Pakistan Approach to Total Sanitation (PATS) - Closing date 15-Sep-2014

NGOs Profile for Mapping and Capacity Assessment KP/FATA

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