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Goals and Strategies of the Country Programme 2007-2011

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Goals and Strategies of the Country Programme 2007-2011

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General goals of the Country Programme are to assist the Government of Oman in developing national policies and programmes to further the realization of the principles and articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as the protection and participation of children and adolescents.

© UNICEF Oman/2008/Noorani

Overall goals of this Country Programme are formulated as follows:

a) To support and advocate for the development and implementation of laws, policies and actions in conformity with the CRC;

b) To promote the development of children to their full potential, to become capable of living healthy and active lives with access to knowledge relevant to their needs; and

c) To promote the empowerment of adolescents to be prepared for adulthood, then able to participate in decisions affecting their lives.



Country Programme Strategies 2007-2011



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