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This section presents training packages which are currently in use in Nutrition Clusters. They were developed by cluster partners or financed by the GNC and designed for capacity building of nutrition clusters at global, national and local levels.

The section includes the following pages:

  • On this page you will find training packages which cover more than one topic in Nutrition in Emergencies.
  • Harmonised Taining Package (HTP) for Nutrition in Emergencies and complementary presentations. Note: the HTP now includes additional module 23 on nutrition of older people in emergencies and module 22 on gender sensitive nutrition programming.
  • Harmonised Taining Package (HTP) for Nutrition in Emergencies and complementary presentations, as well as other technical trainings if French.
  • Harmonised Taining Package (HTP) for Nutrition in Emergencies and complementary presentations, as well as other technical trainings if Arabic.
  • E-learning page with available online learning oppotunities (with or without a certificate of competition) for Nutrition in Emergencies programming.
  • Page dedicated to training materials on cluster approach awareness and coordination.
  • CMAM-specific training materials.
  • IYCF & IYCF-E training materials.
  • Assessments training materials.
  • Training materials for addressing micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Training materials addressing cross-cutting issues (under development, see also e-learning).

General orientation trainings or trainings covering several topics :


A Toolkit for Addressing Nutrition in Emergency Situations, GNC, June 2008

This toolkit is intended as an easy-to-use field guide for nutritionists and humanitarian workers that outlines the key basic interventions for nutritional support to individuals and groups during an emergency situation. It provides the what, why, when, and how for different nutrition interventions, including basic monitoring benchmarks and expected standards.  As an overview for interventions to be considered in emergencies, it includes references and links to more detailed technical guidance for each issue. The toolkit is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic [pdfs].

SPHERE training materials

The Sphere Handbook is the most widely known and internationally recognized set of common principles and universal minimum standards for humanitarian response.  It allows humanitarian   actors to provide quality humanitarian response in an accountable manner.  This is because the Handbook reflects the sector’s evidence-based best practices, agreed upon through an unprecedented, global and open consultative process. This process has led to the 2011-revised edition.

Training modules [pilot version] on the Sphere Handbook 2011 edition in English are available from Sphere website, 2011.
This pilot version contains three training modules: (1) Introduction to Sphere, (2) Humanitarian Charter and (3) Protection Principles both training notes in MS Word and PowePoint Presentations.

Programming for Nutrition Outcomes

Programming for Nutrition Outcomes is a free open-access educational resource. This Master's-level module has been designed to explore the complicated problem of undernutrition, highlight its multi-sectoral causes and identify potential programmatic solutions. Please note that these are self-study sessions and that no certification or tutorial support is provided, but there is a brief assessment at the end of each session to test your knowledge. For further information please click here.



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