Global Nutrition Cluster


Source: OCHA/ReliefWeb

Cluster Coordinator, Teshome Feleke,

Key documents:

  • Nutrition Cluster Strategy: Floods emergency response, 2010 [pdf]
  • Nutrition for National Development: Pakistan’s Integrated Nutrition Strategy [doc]
  • Joint Statement from the Nutrition Cluster: all for support for appropriate infant and young child feeding in Pakistan [pdf]
  • National guidelines on CMAM, 2011 [pdf]

Evaluations, reviews and lessons learned:

  • The Evolving UN Cluster Approach in the Aftermath of the Pakistan Earthquake: an NGO perspective, 2011 [pdf]
  • Nutrition Cluster Evaluation, 2011 [pdf]

Other documents:

  • Report “Reducing stunting through improved IYCF and maternal nutrition” from the national workshop on IYCF/Maternal Nutrition Planning and Programming, January 2013 [doc]
  • Sindh Strategic Nutrition Response Plan, 2011 [pdf]
  • Orientation on IFE, 2011 [ppt]
  • Briefing on the International Code of breastmilk substitutes, 2011 [pdf]
  • Multiple indicator cluster survey (MICS FATA), 2009, 6Mb [pdf]
  • Nutrition Cluster and Working Group update, August 2012 [pdf]



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