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UNICEF SOP for level 3 emergencies

UNICEF's Simplified Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) for Level 3 Emergencies were issued by the UNICEF Executive Director on 6 March 2012, with the objective to simplify, streamline and clarify UNICEF procedures related to emergencies and to enable an effective response to major emergencies.
The L3 SSOPs applies to all situations in which the UNICEF Executive Director has declared a Level 3 emergency and activated the Corporate Emergency Activation Procedure. The duration of application will be the same as specified in the Global Broadcast (up to 3 months, and renewable), and the applicability will cease when the period of application expires, or the CEAP is de-activated by the Executive Director.

The SSOPs include 12 UNICEF business sectors, namely GEC; Cluster Coordination; Planning, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation; Human Resources; Supply and Logistics; Operations; PCAs and partnerships with NGO; Resource Mobilisation; Communications; Humanitarian Advocacy; ICT; and Security/ OPSCEN. The SSOPs will be updated yearly, as required.

UNICEF emergencies portal has a full list of tools for use in emergencies.

For any questions or support needed, contact Humanitarian Policy Section, EMOPS, NY (

Full versions of SSOPs can be accessed here [PDF] and [xls]. The excel version can be used to filter actions according to business sectors, business owners and timelines.

Project Cooperation Agreement

When UNICEF works with NGO partners, the legal agreement which is drawn up and signed by both parties is the Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) [MS Word]. The PCA represents agreement on important details of project implementation, such as financial inputs and the budget, supplies and equipment, personnel, reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

The PCA is drawn up by the UNICEF Programme Officer, based on the Project Proposal which has been submitted by the partner/NGO. After it has been agreed on by UNICEF and the partner/NGO, it is signed, and becomes the basis for cooperation between UNICEF and the partner/NGO.

PCA Monitoring and Reporting Addendum 06 August 2012

UNICEF has developed light, practical approach to support higher frequency performance monitoring of humanitarian interventions in nutrition. The tool includes two high priority outputs indicators to be monitored on a monthly basis, simple reporting format for monthly monitoring, questions and answers regarding this tool.
PCA Monitoring and Reporting Addendum 06 August 2012 [MS Doc]



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