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Source: OCHA/ReliefWeb

General information:
Nutrition Cluster was activated in Afghanistan in 2008 due to high food prices and droughts in the country. It is currently activated. Cluster lead agency at national level is UNICEF, co-lead agency is Micronutrient Initiative. Each region has its own cluster or a sub-cluster for the main region.

Afghanistan Nutrition Cluster Coordination Team:
Nutrition Cluster Coordinator:
Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Ibrahim Shanwari,  Micronutrient Initiative,  
Information Manager Officer: N/A
Other team members: please give details if any

Key documents:

  • Terms of Reference for the Cluster: N/A
  • Organogram of the Cluster: Nutrition cluster coordinator is a member of the inter-cluster team (ICCT) managed by OCHA. UNICEF Representative is a member of the HCT chaired by the HC.
  • National Nutrition Strategy: Community Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition Programme (CMAM), CAP 2012 [pdf]
  • Evaluations of the cluster: was done is July 2013. report is coming soon. 



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