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Presentation on importance of IYCF-E in Syria context

In August 2013, the GNC prepared a presentation on importance of infant and young child feeding in emergencies for survival of children in Syria context [ppt] which will be used to advocate for IYCF-E with the following key messages:

  • Supporting and protecting optimal infant and young child feeding in the Syria crisis is an essential intervention to save children’s lives.
  • While there is currently a lack of information on the health, nutrition  situation and survival of infants and young children we know that the established risks of poor feeding practices are amplified under the current conditions faced by infants in the Syria crisis - additional data on the need would be useful but we already have evidence do we need a proven catastrophe before acting?
  • There needs to be funding for an IMMEDIATE appropriate IYCF-E response in the region (that following international guidance).



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