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CMAM training packages

Training Course on the Management of Severe Malnutrition, WHO, 2002 with update in 2009
This training course on hospital-based care of severely malnourished children is based on the WHO manual on Management of Severe Malnutrition: a Manual for Physicians and Other Senior Health Workers (1999) and is intended for health personal including physicians, nurses and nutritionists. The course contains seven modules with various materials, including a course director guide, facilitator guide, clinical instructor guide as well as support materials.

Training Guide for Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), FANTA, November 2008
This guide for trainers has been designed for health care managers and providers who manage, supervise and implement CMAM with the aim to increase knowledge and build practical skills to implement CMAM in both emergency and non-emergency contexts. It was produced in collaboration with Concern Worldwide, Valid International and UNICEF and is available in English and French.

Integration of IYCF Support into CMAM, Oct 2009
Facilitators Guide [pdf] and Handouts [pdf]
This training package is intended to equip participants with basic counselling skills, and technical knowledge of recommended IYCF practices. It is divided into 3 modules: community assessment of IYCF practices in communities with CMAM programmes, an IYCF Training of Trainers course for CMAM, and IYCF/CMAM field practice. The Facilitator's Guide and Handouts are available from the IFE Core Group in English (A4 or letter size) and French.



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