Global Nutrition Cluster

Strategic Advisory Group

During the GNC Face to Face Meeting in January 2013 it was agreed by GNC Core Members that there is a need to revisit the structure, governance and operational modalities of the GNC.  It was also agreed that it would be useful to bring in a consultant to reflect on the current structure, modalities and governance and put forward recommendations for future functioning of the GNC.

It was agreed that an Interim Strategic Advisory Group should be established to provide strategic direction for and oversight of the activity of the GNC in the immediate and short term – i.e. for the next six months (starting from March 2013), while at the same time managing a consultancy to reflect on current GNC structure, modalities and governance and making recommendations for future functioning of the GNC.

The summary of membership and functions of the Interim SAG was agreed by Core Members at the January 2013 face-to-face meeting and is presented in the Terms of Reference for the Interim Strategic Advisory Group of the Global Nutrition Cluster [pdf].

Since the last GNC Face to Face Meeting in February 2014 in Geneva a new SAG members group is in place as follows:

Membership of Interim SAG

  • Diane Holland - UNICEF;  
  • Anne-Dominique Israel, ACF; 
  • Britta Schumacher, WFP;
  • Lynda Keiss (WFP) (Back up to Britta);
  • Nicki Connell, SC-UK;
  • Emily Keane, SC-UK; (back up for Nicki);
  • Jacqueline Frize, SC-UK (back up for Nicki)
  • Samson Desie, NCC, Unicef Sudan - Country Cluster Coordinator Representing all CCs

The members agreed also for 2014 to have a rotational chair where each SAG member will be chairing for a period of 3 months.

  • Diane Holland - March-May 2014
  • Nicki Connell - June - August 2014
  • Britta Schumacher - September -November 2014
  • Anne Dominique Israel :December 2014 - February 2015

Core Functions of Interim SAG

  • Review of GNC work plan and identification of 3-5 priorities for the GNC to focus on in the coming months (including advocacy).
  • Guide and support advocacy efforts to establish a forum for NIE related policy issues.
  • Clarify respective responsibilities for implementation of the various aspects of the work-plan.
  • Provide strategic direction on the management of the Rapid Response Team
  • Develop TOR for a process to evaluate and redefine GNC structure, operational modalities and governance to better fulfill its role including setting milestones for implementation
  • Oversight and coordination of the consultancy for the above process

Minutes of SAG meetings/calls

  • 13th of March 2013 [pdf], 10th of April 2013 [pdf], 7th of May 2013 [pdf], 12th of June 2013 [pdf], 19th of July 2013 [pdf], 2nd of August 2013 [pdf], 11th of September [pdf]



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