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This page provides information about upcoming events, organized by GNC partners. If you wish to submit information on an event for a publication on this web-site, please send the following information to

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  • All upcoming GNC meetings/calls can be found in the calendar here.

Workshops, Conferences, Forums

  • All upcoming GNC supported workshops, conferences and forums can be found in the calendar here.  
  • International Congress of Nutrition, Granada, Spain, 15-20 September 2013. (Information [doc], Website).Travel scholarship are available for scientists and nutrition-advocacy professionals from middle and low-income countries.
  • Action Against Hunger (ACF International) and the Coverage Monitoring Network are pleased to invite you to a unique, two-day Conference titled “What We Know Now: a Decade of Community-based Treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition”. The two day conference will bring together technical experts, field practitioners and policy makers to review the past, present and future of SAM treatment around the world. The conference will take place in London, UK from October 17th & 18th, 2013. (Concept note [pdf], Flyer [pdf])
  • Joint FAO/WHO International Conference on Nutrition (ICN+21), Rome, Italy, 13-15 Nov 2013 (Concept note [pdf], Information [pdf], Website)
  • International Symposium on Understanding Moderate Malnutrition in Children for Effective Interventions will be held from 27–29 May 2014 in  IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria organised by CMAM forum. (Information [link])
  • The 2nd International Congress on Micronutrient and Child Health (MCH-2014)  will be held as from 3rd to 7th November 2014 in New Delhi, India (Information [doc]). It is being organized to update the participants about the recent advances in the field of Micronutrients and Child Health, there will be detailed presentations and discussions on Magnitude of the Iron, Iodine, Vitamin A and Zinc deficiencies;  their Health Consequences, Methodology of their Assessments, Strategies for Prevention & Control; Micronutrients Supplementation to improve child morbidity & mortality and related issues. 


For a list of training packages please go to page Training packages.

The Global Nutrition Cluster will undertake two regional level trainings on cluster coordination in 2013.  The participants for this training would be Cluster Coordinators and Cluster partners (RRTs) who are already Cluster Coordinator/Information Managers,  any CLA country level staff who has the potential to work as a Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, thus needs training. The Nutrition Cluster Coordinators Training is to take place in Dakar for the West Africa region and in Bangkok for countries in in EAPRO and ROSA region, but participants from ESARO would also be welcomed into the Bangkok Training, as there is space for 25 participants per training. For more information please send an email to

Three country level trainings for country cluster partners on cluster coordination are planned to take place in Afghanistan, Yemen and Mali in 2013. The participants of this training (for the first three days) are the Nutrition Cluster partners, while for the fourth day, the training focus on inter-cluster coordination thus other clusters (WASH, Health, Food security and any other relevant clusters) are to be invited. Each training will accommodate 25-35 participants. For more information please send an email to a Nutrition Cluster Coordinator in Afghanistan, Yemen or Mali.

The Centre for Development Innovation Wageningen UR is pleased to announce the organisation of the International Course on Agriculture Nutrition Linkages, to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 18 - 29 November 2013. As a participant in this course you will gain increased insights into how the fields of agriculture, agricultural development, food production and food security can contribute to reduced malnutrition in population groups. The course will provide practical tools to increase the nutritional benefits of agricultural programmes and to reduce their potential negative impacts on nutrition. The course has a clear agricultural economic approach and addresses agricultural development along food value chains. (Information [link])



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