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African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
Also called the Children's Charter was adopted by the Organisation of African Unity (now the African Union) in 1990. It is a comprehensive instrument that sets out rights and defines universal principles and norms for the status of children and its mission is to promote and protect the rights established by the Charter. The Charter informed Nigeria’s Child Rights Act, 2003.

Assessment of Violence Against Children at the Basic Education Level in Nigeria was conceived as a follow up to the United Nation's Secretary General's Global Study on Violence Against Children and as a response to the concern by the Federal Ministry of Education on the diferent forms of abuse and violence meted out to children in school.

Child Rights Act, 2003
The bill for an Act to provide and protect the right of the Nigerian child and other related matters, 2003.

Children Accused of Witchcraft indicates that witchcraft accusations against children are affecting growing numbers of vulnerable children in West Africa and seem to arise from situations of ‘multi-crisis’.

Convention on the Rights of the Child
The Convention is the foundation of UNICEF’s work and Nigeria’s Child Rights Act, 2003.

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From Commitment to Action: What Religious Communities can do to Eliminate Violence against Children aims to help religious communities harness their spiritual, moral and social strengths to prevent, respond to and eliminate violence against children.




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