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The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme aims to increase access to sustainable and safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and improved hygiene practices in schools and communities, thus contributing to a reduction of related diseases.

Quality Water Supply

UNICEF seeks to increase access to clean and safe drinking water by raising awareness about treating water before drinking. Testing for arsenic contamination continues in the Terai districts, and programmes to detect and purify water among those affected communities are ongoing. Read more...

Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene

Safe drinking water and child-friendly toilets with separated boys and girls areas are being installed in schools in marginalised communities. Information on hand-washing with soap to prevent the spread of diseases is also being disseminated. Read more…

National District Level Sector Support

UNICEF works to build the capacity of government agencies to better respond to community needs for improved water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Read more…



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