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The Education programme aims to improve access to quality learning opportunities for all children, and enable girls and disadvantaged children to complete a basic education cycle and graduate to lower secondary level.

UNICEF Nepal Early Childhood Development

It is targeted to the most marginalised communities and supports day care centres within the community. Parenting orientation is provided to the parents/caretakers of children under five years of age. Read more…

UNICEF Nepal Formal Primary Education

It advocates to make basic education compulsory and to improve the quality of education in primary schools by making schools, classrooms and teachers child-friendly. Read more…

UNICEF Nepal Non-formal Primary Education

It supports alternative learning programmes for children who have never been to school or who dropped out early. Read more…

UNICEF Nepal Peace Education and Emergency Education

The Schools as Zones of Peace and the Children as Zones of Peace projects are advocating with all political parties to allow children and schools to function without disruption. Read more…



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