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Training on Justice for Children concludes

© UNICEF Nepal/2011
a female police speaking during the event.

Kathmandu, 2 December 2011 – A six-day long training to senior police officers on 'Justice for Children' concluded on 30 November with a formal programme in Godavari Resort, Godavari, Kathmandu.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Ms. Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Nepal's Representative said "It is vital to ensure that the women and children who are affected by crime are willing to come forward and seek redress - and are treated in a caring and sensitive manner throughout the justice process."

© UNICEF Nepal/2011
Hanaa Singer with the trainee police officials

The training programme involved 25 Senior Police Officers who will further train 180 Junior Police Officers. The training equips the police officers on how to interact in a sensitive manner with children and women who come in contact with the justice system and how to cope with the difficult and stressful situations the Police face every day.

Meanwhile, Mr. Naresh Gurung, Additional Inspector General of Police said, "The training has helped the Police Officers to build their knowledge in the area of Justice for Children and how they should implement it practically." He also stressed on the behavioural implementation of learning of the training.

"These are important achievements and I encourage the Nepal Police to gradually extend the coverage of the Women and Children Service Centres to the rest of the country," added Ms. Singer.



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